Happy Fall

Mama mary decided to spend a few minutes this morning to get a fall/Halloween picture up. Well shadow wanted in on the action. She kept barking at mama trying to get her to play with her. Mama wanted her to get in our picture but I think it is actually not possible for her to sit still enough for a formal picture unless of course someone sedated her

Here i am with my best friend Becky bear.

A close up of my dress
Shadow on her belly barking at mama
17 pounds of pure energy. Biggest problem is she is cute and knows she is and uses that fact to get her way. She has been here since june . She obeys come sit and stay all important commands for a dogs safety. Mama mary has started to teach her street safety while out on walks. Molly mamas previous dog looked both ways before crossing the street. I understand people were pretty impressed by that.

Well maybe more later this week mama mary has some real life issues to deal with at this time.

I say who does t? She needs to get her act together. Lol

Stay safe everybody.

Teddybear yates


A long time gone

Hey everyone

It’s been a long time since I posted. Mama mary did get all the bears in their easter dresses but never took any pictures. The weather was so bad and she kept waiting for a pretty day and before that happened mama mary let real life get her down. I tried to cheer her. Up but you see we lost our old friend and companion Molly the dog.. she was 16 and and it was no surprise but we all took it hard,

Molly Dolly Yates. 2004 – 2020

Then even more real life got in the way,. Mama Mary’s sister had to have two medical procedures requiring her to spend time in Bridgeville with her. And to top it off the new procedure was not successful and there might be another bigger procedure in aunt geris life

Meanwhile after rigorously searching for a new suitable dog to adopt, which took 5 weeks and was almost a full time job for mama mary, God sent us the perfect dog. Her name is shadow, she is a 15 pound 4 year old Chiweenie . Think about that one

She does not photograph well because she is such a dark color.

Well anyway the bears are still in their Easter dresses and I am encouraging mama mary to do a late easter, late memorial day and late 4th of july photo shoot. I will need a lot of luck to get that done.

Molly thought all pillows should be shaped like teddy bears. I really miss my pal.

Well stay tuned we might get another post up soon with – wait for it- Easter pictures. Lol.

Well take care everybody and y’all stay out of trouble.


Teddy bear yates.

Easter dresses unpacked

Hey everybody,

First off I want to say I hope you are all well and safe. In an attempt to save her sanity mama mary has been playing more with us teddys.

Today she will start changing out our valantine

Dresses and will replace them with our Easter dresses.

Love to all
Stay out of trouble

Teddy bear yates

Late for valantines day this year

Due to a complicated real life situation mama mary was late getting us bears up and running for valantines day. So we are going to post a few pictures now. Unfortunately I personally don’t have a valantines dress to wear so there are no pictures of me.

This is a picture of bessie bear on the left wearing a dress designed and sewn by Mary’s mother ruth wagner back in the 90’s, and a picture of sweetie bear who also wears a dress designed and sewn by ruth wagner.

The next picture is becky bear on the left wearing a purchased pre sewn daisy kingdom dress and brownie bear wearing g a dress sewn by mary mama from daisy kingdom

fabric and a paper pattern designed to fit american girl dolls.

Then a picture of bears and dolls. The doll are wooden hand carved itty bitty hitty dolls. Mama mary either crocheted or sewed all the dresses on these dolls.

Mama mary just purchased a new serger (a type of professional sewing machine) so I am planning on making me some pretty holiday jumpers.

HOPE you all had a good valantines day and that you are all well.

Take care

Teddy bear yates

New clothing for a new year.

Well here are some of my friends sitting around un dressed waiting to be redressed for post Christmas.In lieu of winter clothing mama Mary has decided to go ahead and dress us in our valentine dresses. Aunt geri is getting some surgery in February and mamas time may be scarce by then.

.they are getting cold sitting there and wish mama would get busy dressing them. Nobody likes being ” a bare bear.”

Take care all .

Teddy bear yates”

A few pictures from Christmas eve 2019

Well we were able to get aunt geri up the steps and into the house. Unfortunately it was a dialysis day and she did not feel well that night.Ma ma mary commissioned a knitted mouse by a terrific designer and knitter in the Ukraine. Here is a picture of aunt geri with her little mouse and also little brown knitted bear also from the Ukraine which is one of my little buddies having been adopted by mama mary last christmas.And there is a picture taken with miss susan and brownie bear when were at miss susans for dinner. Miss susan has been mama Mary’s friend since they were both 10 years old. It has been a ,lasting and beautiful friendship spanning 60 years.And next there is a picture of the floral arrangement sent to mama mary by miss susan.

It was a nice Christmas if just a bit bittersweet owing to

Aunt geris illness.

Ya’ll have a safe and happy new year.

Take care

Teddy bear yates


Big brown bear just adopted a

Little “merrythought” bear cub from England she is really sweet and a bit shy. The other bears are calling her “cubby”.

It will be fun for the bears this christmas to have a little one around the house.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful holiday.

Teddybear Yates

Lunch with aunt geri

Today my little buddy Bessie bear and mama Mary are going over to bridgeville to take aunt geri to lunch. Bessie wanted to wear a pretty Christmas dress but mama Mary insisted on her dressing warm. It is 19 degrees here and after mama being in the Carolinas for 26 years says if it is 19 degrees it may as well be 0 degrees. She is not a happy camper. She is even wearing a undershirt under her sweater.

So she dressed Bessie bear in knit pants and sweater with another cardigan sweater on top of it. A hat and even mittens. The sweater and hat is hand knit but not by mama Mary. It was an Ebay acquisition years ago. The hat is great, it doesn’t smash her cute little ears.

It takes all long time to get aunt geri out of her house and up on the street to get in mama marys car. Then she has to load up her Walker and we will be out in the cold. The whole time. When we just go to lunch we take the big rolling Walker with a seat but when we take her shopping we have to load up the small travel wheelchair which is hard for mama to do. SHE IS REALLY SHORT, and has to lift things over her head. Sometimes she slides it in from street leval but that doesn’t always work.

Mama Mary has rods in her back so she has to be careful

.she looks so pitiful that complete strangers stop and help her. Some people are so nice, and we try to remember to pray for people who help us. The really important thing to aunt geri is that she gets out of her house for fun on days she does not have dialysis.

Maybe we will have more photos later.

Stay warm everyone .

Teddy bear yates